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Hello, my name is Emokiniovo Dafe-Akpedeye. Yes, it's a sentence, deal with it. My friends call me Kiniovo (pronounced as spelled).

I have been training consistently since December 2016. But this is not my first fitness rodeo. In my final year of my first degree, I consciously lost a dress size by doing excessive cardio without really changing my diet. I weighed about 62kg, lost all my lower body (yansh basically πŸ˜‘) and even my mother (who is a slim queen) was worried. Suffice to say, that did not last long. After my second degree (the original efiko  ), moving to Abuja for law school and then Lagos for NYSC, the weight began to pile on. By December 2016, after avoiding the scales for several months, I hopped on at Bodyrox Fitness Studio after a 21 day challenge and I weighed a whopping 78kgs. Mind you, this was after 3 weeks of exercising daily and half-hearted clean eating. Devastation does not begin to describe how I felt. If I was not in Mayo's office, I would have broke down in tears 😒😒😒

The sun truly shines after the rainstorm (alleluia πŸ™) After 2 years of training to lose weight and gain lean muscle, I got my body back!!!!! Even the abs pop most days of the week. I had a burning desire to start a blog at the beginning of 2018 to track my progress. Lethargy and fear of the unknown crept in. I did a poll at the end of 2018 and the results were encouraging so here goes nothing. It is also my birthday today #29onthe29th so this is my birthday present to myself. You can wish me happy birthday by reading to the end and making comments.

DISCLAIMER: I am no nutritionist neither do I have qualifications as a fitness trainer so I will not accept any liability for any loss caused whatsoever by following the instructions on this page (the lawyer in me roars).

However, through research and using my body and my siblings' bodies as guinea pigs (more on the siblings later), I have lost about 13kgs and dropped 2 dress sizes, from UK size 12 to 8 and I weigh about 65kgs.

The name trainingwithanoxon was born after due family consultations (we're dramatic like that). I am an Oxford law graduate, so training the mind and body is basically my life and addiction #Barristerlawyerkillingitatthegym. 

So why another fitness blog:

It's a fun way to express my alter ego fitness personality, aka baby beast, who is the sociable and extroverted part of me (except when I am in the middle of a workout. Please face front, and don't talk to me lol)
Easier to allow my friends and followers ask questions and see longer videos of me dying at the gym. A poll in November 2018 revealed that people were interested in my workouts and advice, so why not
Accountability is my watchword this year. Y'all will keep me accountable to my goals. I missed the #chasing20somethinginchwaist goal last year. Let's just say December did not go as planned. We thank God, I hovered around 30-31 inches. This way, I will not be missing any targets this year (that's the hope anyway)
Following a real life working lady, who is not yet a fitness trainer or model or athlete (contrary to the dreams in her head), getting results, struggling on some days and dying in the gym on other days.
Sound like a plan?

For now, the posts will be once a week on fitness and nutrition related things (day and time to be confirmed). Based on popular demand, I will give my opinion on certain workouts, diets and gym clothes (the latter being my favourite topic). Before some people chop off my head, this will SOLELY be my opinion. I warn you now, I am not a fan of some very popular diets but I'll let you know what works for me, and sometimes what works for my sister and brother (fitness is a family affair in the Dafe Akpedeye household). 

Please drop your thoughts and comment on what you'd like to see on this page.

Finally, enjoy this short video from 2017 when I resumed the fitness life (chai, see that belle bopping about). Spot me if you can.


Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kiniovo

  2. On the way to stew everywhere

    1. I know you. The stew that is renewed daily

  3. Happy birthday sexy beast. Yes I said that. Lol

  4. Rooting for you Kiniovo! And happy birthday again

  5. This is beautiful, Emo! Do let us know the exact day of the week you'll be publishing so that we can keep a date.

  6. Happy birthday KV. Your grit and passion is amazing.

  7. This is amazing Kiniovo! well done!

  8. Happy belated birthday! This is really amazing!

  9. Great initiative by an awesome Daughter. There's love in sharing, dearie. You are truly one of a kind, a blessing to your generation and generations to come. God bless you as you soar higher and higher.

  10. What a tenacious #BBB#, keep it up dear