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Howdy fitfam!!! Welcome to the second edition of Training with an Oxon. So this week, I am discussing our favourite topic, DIETING 😒😓😡😠Honestly, even the word floods a thousand emotions across my mind. Yes, I know the picture of my delicious birthday cake contradicts the topic, but we're still celebrating here 😋plus there is a story behind this "healthy cake" even though Partner Pearce refuses to agree that such a thing exists 😏

Too many words have been written about this topic. To be honest, I am not a dieting person. I love food especially roasted plantain, the ultimate bae that never disappoints 💖

Before I get distracted with the sight of roasted plantain and eggs before my eyes, let me just say that I used to be a true believer that you could exercise to get the body you want and that your diet did not need to be on point. Sometime in 2017, I did 1000 sit-ups every day for a week to get defined abs. Yes, there was some definition but it was not without the food belly on my lower tummy. My slim queen mama always said if only I would restructure my diet, I would get all the results I wanted. As the #barristerlawyer that I am, I argued with her until she left me alone. 

Last year, I decided to rethink this position. I embarked on a 12 week Diet and Nutrition Algorithm (DNA) program courtesy of Mayokun (Icebox) of Bodyrox Fitness Studio. We tried a few diets/ways of eating during the program including whole30 diet, intermittent fasting (16:8 and 18:6) and eating windows. If I get enough requests, I'll do a post to summarise my thoughts on each diet.

For now, a few points on things I learnt:
  1. The saying that you cannot outrun a bad diet is real. I hardly did any sit ups in 2018 and I had    better abs definition. Before you crucify me, I still did many other exercises like a zillion burpees (what Shaun T calls suicides probably because you have to be suicidal to do so many) to strengthen my core but less of lying on the floor doing unnecessary sit ups for hours.
  2. Do what works for YOU. I am now a fan of intermittent fasting (16:8 method, if I'm hungry after 14 hours, I eat. I did not come to this earth to die of starvation) whereas my gym bestie (when she actually comes to the gym 😒 ) loves eating windows.
  3. Portion control is key. If you cannot eye ball it, buy a smaller plate, use control portion plates which are available online on Jumia, Amazon etc.
  4. Increase intake of water to 3 litres per day, means less space for consuming unnecessary excess food.
  5. Be flexible and take it one day at a time. Rome was not built in a day. It took me 2 years to lose 13kgs. It might take you a shorter time or longer time. It's a life time marathon of making daily decisions. If you fall (like me, on Sunday 😭), get back up the very next day. 
Finally, enjoy food and life. My birthday cake from @healthnhealthy was made with wholewheat flour, date syrup & stevia to sweeten, peanut & cashew nut butter for icing, and hibiscus flower & beetroot to get the red velvet colour. Foodgasm cannot begin to describe the feeling that erupted in my mouth. My colleagues were begging to take cake home, it was that good!!!! Although, it's relatively healthy, I only had one piece of cake. Don't be tempted to keep eating alternative sweet things daily. You're only deceiving yourself and your tape measurements don't lie.

As usual, please leave your comments, suggestions and questions 😊

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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  1. Discipline is key��, buh that cake looks so tempting��

    1. Discipline is the hardest thing but we have to keep pushing through