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Hello, gym slayers. I am super excited about this week's topic, Running πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„. It truly is in my blood. Anyone who's known me since secondary school will remember the glory days of OIS 8 & OIS 0 road races and Founders' Day Athletics.

Honestly, running is the best cardiovascular exercise (in my humble opinion) plus the best way to lose weight. In my desperate days of 2017, I ran almost everyday around Abuja, from Silverbird to Grandsquare, NNPC Towers, Sheraton and the deadly Sheraton (aka Bodyrox) stairs. 

I know for many of you the thought of running sends shivers down your spine. Relax, Rome was not built in a day. One of my 2017 running buddies hated running. After a few months, she was running from Silverbird to UTC and back (that's over 8km). Also, in my first weight lossy rodeo in University, running was the key to massive weight loss. I do not run everyday anymore because I am not looking to lose so much weight, I do not have the time to do it #barristerlawyer, I do not want to change my diet and exercise routine to ensure I run without losing too much weight or muscle tone on my lower body. This last part does not apply to everyone, but for me, my lower body disappears if I do not create the right balance between running and lifting weights.

The calm before the storm. The adrenaline and dopamine rush is exhilarating!!!!

Having raved about the benefits of running, what steps do you need to take to become an Olympian runner 😜

  1. Overcome the fear and dread of running. I generally run on Saturdays at the National Stadium, Abuja but there are still some mornings when sleep seems better than running. Determination is my watchword. Get up and run.
  2. Buy yourself a good pair of running shoes. Don't come and destroy your legs because I said you should run. Invest in yourself. Buy those running shoes instead of the next pair of outing shoes and clothes.
  3. Start slow. Slow and steady really wins the race. Start with brisk walking (not that casual/lazy thing Nigerians tend to do πŸ˜’). You need to feel your heart rate go up and be slightly out of breathe. Then build up to 30secs jog and 1min walk, 1min jog and 1min walk, 3mins jog and 1min walk. You get the idea. You need to set yourself a target every week to constantly improve and prevent plateauing.
  4. Use a treadmill. I say this through gritted teeth because I actually dislike treadmills (story for another day). But if you are shy and have access to a treadmill, you may begin the process in (3) on a treadmill but please don't die and resurrect on the treadmill
  5. Run in the morning. You're less likely to talk yourself out of it during the day and if you run outside, the fresh air is therapeutic and you'll feel invigorated. It really is the perfect start to your day
  6. Running is not an excuse to overeat. Fuel your body right afterwards with a balanced meal, not a huge plate of rice or a giant bowl of oats. Yes, oats are healthy but can be calorific if overeaten.
See how running toned those calf muscles. Don't say I never told you the secret πŸ˜‰

Come, join us at 7am on Saturday at the National Stadium, Abuja (well not this week due to elections). You can dm me @emokiniovo_omalicha the Friday before if you're coming so I'll look out for you.

As always, please leave your comments, questions and share with your friends and followers 😊

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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  1. I hope i show up the Saturday after the elections. I dread running that I'm almost beginning to think it wasn't meant for me😭

  2. See you on Saturday, 2nd March if we finally have the elections