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It's been a hot minute since I posted on the blog. Work life, study life and gym life are doing clash of the Titans in my small self 😪😫 

Anyway, today I am excited about this post!!!!! It's all about siblings love today 💖.When I started my journey in December 2016, my brother was "Mr Eat and Remain Slim". My sister was the "Slay Queen who Started putting on Weight" and I was the "Fat One". By late 2017/2018, Aunty Fejiro (as she is fondly called at home) decided to overhaul her diet. She was doing a semi-keto diet, with carbohydrates on a few days a week. Then, came OTDA himself with the ultimate intermittent fasting, carb cycling diet. At this point, I was doing the DNA program trying out new diet plans to fit into my lifestyle. Fast foward to December 2018 🥁🥁🥁

The Dafe-Akpedeye 3 were ready for Christmas 2018 slay. The results have been epic!!!!!

For this episode, I will start with the finest Afro-Caribbean boy, the one and only Ovietobore (@tobore_ak or @lifeofanafrocaribbean). This my first born child, although he's forming big man for me now 😒, is the ultimate beast. His diet is simple and easy to follow but intense. If na belle be your problem, you'll be ripped with his diet. So what was his 8 week shredded, 6-pack popping, diet plan!!!

1) Intermittent fasting (16:8) meaning you have an 8-hour eating window every day e.g. 12pm-8pm. Then you close your mouth and drink water or plain green tea between 8pm-12pm the next day. 

2) 4 low-carbohydrate (carb) days, 2 medium carb-days and 1 cheat day (usually Sundays). Only 2 meals a day
  • A low carb-day: 4 scrambled eggs with vegetables (no milk with a small teaspoon of oil) for one meal and 1 piece of grilled chicken, a portion of vegetable curry & 7-8 levelled tablespoons of rice as the second meal. 
  • A medium carb-day: 1 slice of wholewheat bread with shrimp sauce for one meal and a small portion of wholewheat pasta with stir fry vegetables and 1 piece of chicken for the second meal.
  • Cheat day: moderate intermittent fasting (12-14 hours), 1 medium roasted plantain with 2 pieces of stewed chicken (cooked with a tablespoon of oil) for one meal and finally, Nandos (garlic bread, quarter chicken, a side of rice) with 1 waffle for dessert as the cheat meal. 
3) The more intense version of the diet plan is 3 no-carb days, 2 low carb-days and 1 cheat day. No carb-day: 2 eggs and 2 sausages as one meal and shrimp and vegetable sauce as the second meal. Now, this is actually what OTDA did for 8 weeks before moving on to the moderate version in (2) above.

Basically, this is called carb cycling and forces your body to use the stored glucose as energy source on the low carb days, thus burning fat. It's drastic and effective but not for the faint of heart. I generally would recommend starting with the modified version and working your way up to the intense one.

You can also adapt his style to your own taste. I intermittent fast and still eat carbs (this #barristerlawyer life needs carbs to think abeg). Just do what works for you. Fitfam is a marathon not a sprint!!!

4) Exercise in a fasted state, where possible.

4) Exercise 5 times a week varying the workout: High Intensity Interval Training, Chest Day, Back & Shoulder Day, Leg Day and obviously Abs. Again, you can start slowly from 2-3 times a weeek and build it up.

5) Finally, enjoy the results!!! 

As always, your comments, thoughts and questions are welcome. Also, don't forget about my sessions at the National Stadium, Abuja on Saturdays. DM me @emokiniovo_omalicha (link in my Homepage). I also do workout and diet plans (OTDA's detailed plan and many others). Your #barristerlawyer is expanding horizons 😊

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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