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Oh, I feel so bad that I've been off the blog for a couple of weeks. Between work, studying, travelling and family commitments, I've been swamped. But trainingwithanoxon is back with a bang!!!

So, this week is for all the working professionals that have to travel all the time for work. How do you get your workout in and build lean muscles or bulk up. This is something that has really affected me this year; working out and proper nutrition out of station. Normally, I live in Abuja (doesn't seem so this year, with all the travelling), but I have had to travel every single month this year for one thing or the other. 

Yes, I carry my handy skipping rope, insanity DVDs, body attack and body combat videos everywhere I go and sometimes, I go to the gym with a friend (shout out to those that have been helping me access the gym for free). Also, my trusty trainer, David (@kingovi_bodyrox) will send me workouts but I am constrained by available equipment, which is usually dumbbells and it is not the same as beasting at Bodyrox or running at the stadium. Plus, since I am not cooking most of my meals, nutrition has been up and down as well.

When life starts to get in the way, discipline and consistency not motivation will get you the results. 

So, here a few tips to nutrition and working out when you're on the go.

1) Pack your gym clothes. This seems basic but I'm always at a loss for friends who arrive at my house for a visit  or at conferences with no gym clothes. Ermmm, are you serious at all!!! Let your gym clothes be the first thing you pack in your suitcase.

2) Prepare your workouts in advance. I always plan the workout the night before and an alternative workout, in case I'm not feeling the first one.

3) Know what's available where you are going to be working out. When I am in Warri, I know workout DVDs, skipping and my exercise mat will be bae for the period of my visit.

3) Intermittent fasting has saved me from unnecessary weight gain. I generally do 16 hours of not eating and 8 hour eating window (modified on some days to 14-10 when I am ravenous). My eating window is 12pm-8pm which means I generally eat 2 meals a day and maybe a snack on a handful of nuts in between.

4) Thankfully, when I'm with my parents, their cook only uses olive oil or coconut oil (healthier options) and there are always freshly squeezed juices in the fridge (baby girl lifestyle things 😜). However, the chef does tend to cook large portions so I have to remain disciplined and only eat what I know my body needs (talk about a mountain to climb). I keep alcohol to a bare minimum, probably one glass of wine in 1-2months.

5) I try and eat sensible meals, ensuring vegetables or fruits make a significant appearance on the plate. Sometimes, I become pescatarian (eating only eggs, seafood as my source of protein), other times, I cut out rice and spaghetti. I just go with the flow depending on my mood and feelings. It's a work-in-progress. Stay tuned for the nutrition overhaul in May 2019. 

6) If I am travelling by air, I plan when and where I am going to eat so I either eat before leaving for the airport or know where I can get a good meal at the airport. Sometimes for international flights, I prepare and pack my meal to eat during the flight.

5) I never allow more than 2 days to go by without working out. First, it makes it difficult to restart as the body adapts to the lethargy. Second, as a #barristerlawyer, I need to de-stress with my alter ego, baby beast before all that reading drives me up to wall.

As my skinny queen mama will say, IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL!!! Always plan ahead to ensure you get your workouts done and your nutrition is on point. Honestly, I am doing 100% on the former, the latter is on like 50%. I am working on it and so should you.

Finally, take a look at my balanced meal, roasted plantain with lightly stir fried vegetables, tomato sauce with vegetables and steamed fish. Totally satisfying.

As always, your comments, thoughts and questions are welcome. 

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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