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Hello fitfam, feels like forever since I posted on the blog. Between exams, work, fatigue, disinterestedness and just feeling blah, I have neglected to keep my promise to post every week. I apologise and I'm sure y'all will forgive me.

Today, I want to talk about something that often gets neglected in our quest for beasting and attaining the best body ever; "STRETCHING AND RECOVERY". Honestly, I may need to take a few days off soon to rest and recover. That does not mean I will not work out, it just means it'll be light workouts for a few days (if I can stay away for that long).

Firstly, let me talk about active recovery. For me, active recovery helps prevent injuries and allows me to recharge and come back with all the fire to continue beasting. Yesterday, at my happy place aka Bodyrox, I really was not feeling the workout. I was not gingered during the warm up. I decided not to do the cycle/row class workout and asked my trainer to set something up for me on the side. Still, nada, just was not feeling the workout. It has to be one of my saddest moments, when I do not enjoy the workout. Worst part is, I woke up with shoulder and back pain (pain without satisfaction). This is a signal that I may need to rest or change something significantly in my routine. With all the travelling, studying and curveballs life throws, physically and intellectual exhaustion may have set in. Huge stop sign for me to rejig the wheel.

Secondly, closely linked to active recovery is stretching. Although, the jury is out on whether to stretch before you start working out, I think everyone agrees that you must stretch after a workout, especially after a heavy lifting session. I cannot tell you how terrible it was when I was awoken in agony or when I basically fell off my seat at a conference due to a muscle cramp. This is normally caused by lack of stretching after a serious workout so always STRETCH after your workout. A significant part of active recovery is to stretch the muscles daily. This could include doing yoga or pilates or just following a simple 15mins stretch routine on Youtube. Your body will thank you later. If you have ever done Shaun T's Insanity, you will know that half way through the 9 week program, there is a week where all you do is Core Cardio & Balance. I cannot recommend this video enough. I love it!!!!

So in summary:

1) Listen to your body. Know when to revive and recover. Pushing through when your body needs rest may just lead to injury and more fatigue. Active recovery should not be more than a week. I usually take about 3-4days at least once a year. Don't take it as an excuse to just lounge and eat rubbish.

2) Stretch after each workout to prevent injury and muscle cramps. Stretch a lot during your active recovery week.

3) Active recovery activities include: walking, yoga, pilates, swimming. Basically, any low impact exercise.

4) Youtube videos are great tools to find stretching videos. Also, I highly recommend Insanity's Core Cardio & Balance and Cardio Recovery.

As usual, if you have any questions or comment, let me know. You can also follow and dm me on instagram @emokiniovo_omalicha 

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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