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Happy New Year!!!!! I know I'm late to the New Year party but the heading of this post explains the dilemma and reason for my absence. With new year and new resolutions, it can be difficult to balance your work life with your workout life (see me playing on words, oshey baddest 😏)

Although the struggle is real when it comes to juggling work/exercise lifestyle, you really can do both. This picture from 2017 always reminds me that I am more than one profession. I am a lawyer, gym enthusiast, blogger and amateur athlete (in my mind, at least) and so much more. I have not posted for a while because sometime last year, I was feeling very low and wondering what's the point of these posts but unknown to me, I have some silent supporters who started questioning my absence online. Many thanks for your support and believing in me.

So back to the post of Beasting versus Barristerlawyer. Like Man-U v Man City match, the winner constantly changes depending on several factors. So, if Beasting is not your day job, juggling work commitments and exercising has to be part of a carefully thought out plan to give Beasting a fighting chance. If not, you will join the bandwagon of new year resolutioners (as I call them) who have already begun to leave the gym behind (although we regulars are silently happy that the gym will return to normal 😌). 

Anyway, here are my top tips to balancing my work and workout lives.

1) Plan, plan and plan!!!! I've said it in a previous post, my gym clothes are normally the first things I pack into my travelling bag. Now, I've even left some gym items in Lagos to make life easier. My handy skipping rope is never far behind in my suitcase. That is stage 1 planning.

2) Stage 2 planning is ensuring you know when you'll have access to a gym and when there will be no gym. Where there is no gym, my skipping rope, Insanity, Body combat and Body attack, Les mills grit plus other interesting YouTube videos come to my rescue. Before a gym day, I also plan what workouts I will do. The Lekki/Ikoyi bridge was recently added to the mix for running since your baby beast competed in Abuja fittest female competition and has now decided to run the Access Bank 10km fun race. Let's not talk about how I fell down on the bridge last year 😤😢

3) Be flexible.This seems opposite to number (2) but I know what I'm saying. Some days you plan to go to the gym only for something to come up at work. Don't despair, you can still skip, walk around your home/compound or do some situps, squats and lunges. Be creative in burning those calories. 

4) Know when to rest and recharge. At the end of September 2019, I had a wedding in Lagos and a lot of travelling. I pushed myself too much with work, wedding things and training and ended up in bed with typhoid for a week. Stretch, recover, drink water and eat right. Most of all, SLEEP. Sleep deprivation can lead to a myriad of problems including weight gain and a weaker immune system (I suffered from the latter).

5) Train your mind. Every decision begins with your mind. Decide every night intentionally when and how you will train. Then stick to it!! You may slack off on some days but refocus every night to improve your chances of actually working out the next day.

6) Get a trainer or gym buddy. My Abuja Bodyrox Beauties are the baddest workout babes. Lagos is still up and down. I've worked out with @fitgirlsims once this year and once last year and that was amazing but I still need to find a crew!!! They'll get you pumped up and motivate you. I never would have learnt how to ride a bike or  made it through Abuja fittest competition without @princessaimuan. A good trainer will also ensure you have proper form to prevent injuries and be your personal cheer leader. 

Kiniovo's Beastlings is ready for new members so DM me @emokiniovo_omalicha or email me at e.dafeakpedeye@gmail.com

6) Finally, like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the fitness race. Working out twice a week when you are on a work trip is better than nothing. Consistency is key so slowly build a good habit.

As usual, your comment, thoughts and questions are always appreciated. Continue beasting!!!!

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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