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Hello again, my fellow and future Beastlings. Today's topic is on an issue we love to hate - diet and proper nutrition πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘. I say this because most times, your diet can either make or break your fitness goals. Only focusing on beasting at the gym will not give you your desired results. Trust me, I have tried and failed to know that it does not work.

Remember my second post on this blog - "Dieting: Making Your Workout Worth It", well it's like I said then, without proper diet, your fitness dreams will crash and burn. 

As you can imagine, it is easier to plan and prepare your meals when you are not always on the go. However, something I learnt from the DNA program (see previous post on Dieting), you can work around your schedule and travel plans. It is also important to do what works for you. There are so many diets on the market - Whole30, Paleo diet, and the one I dislike the most, Keto diet and several others but two things are key if your goal is to shred and be healthy - (a) getting the right nutrients in your meals; and (b) ensuring that you are in a calorie deficit. As you goals change, these two factors will be modified  but you must always be feeding your body with the right nutrients because as the new saying goes, food should be your medicine.

Enough said, why have I chosen a pescatarian diet?? So, in December 2019, I had one delicious ofada sauce 😊in Lagos at about 7:30pm in the evening with roasted plantain (plantain is bae 😍). Just thinking about it then brought joy to my heart. However, the after effect was deadly and I felt bloated for 2 whole days afterwards. Now, the research shows that beef takes about 3 days to digest. It's like my body was telling me that it was time to abandon beef. In addition, my mum had become vegan for about a year and it totally worked magic on her digestive system and gave her really smooth skin. As I cannot be vegan overnight, I researched and decided to become a pescatarian/pesco-vegetarian. This basically means I do not eat beef or chicken but I can eat fish and seafood. The jury is still out on whether snails are allowed in this diet but as I always say, do what works for you.

Below, I give the low-down of the benefits I've enjoyed from my decision to become a pesco-vegetarian as well as how to choose a diet that works for you.

The Benefits of My Pescatarianism 

1) Assists in bowel movement - beef can take so long to digest but I find that with fish, I do not feel bloated. Ensure to choose lean fish like grilled croaker, tilapia and salmon (if you're fancy) over oily fish like catfish to really get this benefit.

2) No more over-eating at hang outs or parties.The Nigerian menu focuses a lot on carbs, beef and chicken. Fish is a latter day saint to the menu so you find that since you may not want to have the carbs without an animal to company it, you actually end up eating less when you're out. Plus, if there's no fish option, you eat at home where you can easily control your portion size (brilliant, right).

3) I find that when there is no fish at home, I am forced to become vegetarian for that meal, so even less work on my digestive system and less calories in my body (drumroll please πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯). So, I add more vegetables to the meal and sometimes, I eat a handful of groundnuts as protein.

Choosing the Right Diet

1) You need to choose what works for you. I cannot stress this enough. If you cannot give up beef in its entirety, then reduce the quantity. It's 2020 people, desist from the idea that there must be 2 or 3 large pieces of meat to make the meal complete. One may be sufficient for your fitness goal.

2) Do not start what is unsustainable. Let me hate on the Keto diet at this point. So you want me, a full grown Nigerian not to eat rice or plantain again πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜•. Hmmm, this really seems like a crazy idea. Kudos to those who can hack it but if you're like me, please just choose something that is sustainable in the long run.

3) Find meals that you actually enjoy. My pesco-vegetarian 2020 birthday meal, #dirty30 was ofada jollof rice, roasted plantain, lightly stir fried vegetables, stew with ugwu leaves and grilled tilapia fish (see picture above). It was scrumptious. Who said being pescatarian was boring, I think not!!!

4) If you need assistance in formulating a meal plan, get help ASAP!! I am available to help you in creating your own unique diet. Either dm me on instagram @emokiniovo_omalicha or send an e-mail to e.dafeakpedeye@gmail.com 

Finally, plan, plan, plan. Either formulate a weekly diet plan or plan the night before all your meals for the next day. It prevents idle snacking and over-eating, plus you will stick to your diet if it is well-thought out. 

As always, your thoughts, comments and questions are more than welcomed #traindirtyeatclean

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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  1. Great post, as always, 'Kiniovo. Plus I'm particularly in love with the picture of the food. Just thinking aloud to myself - this looks very inviting oh and somewhat tempted to ask for mine but then, thinking of the several miles between Naija and Aussie, I know best than to make a wishful thinking. Anyways, do enjoy the very healthy meal and keep inspiring us. More grace for increased exploits and unceasing blessings to you.

  2. Very sincere, crisp and helpful insights. I look forward to the day you drop the "pesco". Well done dearie. You are truly inspirational!

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