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Eku Isolation, as the Lagosians are now saying πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. I hope you are all doing well during this isolation period. It's funny how life just paused this year. Just because we're at home doesn't mean we do not keep beasting. With all the food and drinks purchased in preparation for this lockdown, the importance of dietary discipline and a workout schedule cannot be over-emphasised.

If you are privileged to follow me on whatsapp πŸ˜‰, you'll know that I just finished the Minister's 1000 challenge, which was a 10 day challenge from 29th March - 7th April. I am also currently on a #14daysfitnesschallenge that basically means I workout every day of the 14 day lockdown that started in Abuja on Monday, 31st March. So, all in all, beasting has been going well.

However, nutrition has been somewhat erratic. I have mostly continued intermittent fasting (16 hour fast and 8 hour eating window) but there have been way too many snacks. Although they are generally healthy snacks like cashew nuts, fruits and unsweetened greek yoghurt with one or 2 puff puffs and glasses of wine, the calories still add up. After yo-yoing for a while on the eating front at the beginning of the lockdown, I am finally back to a decent eating routine.

Enough said on my lockdown story, what can you do to achieve your fitness goals, whether it is to get trim, toned or lose some pounds during this quarantine period.

1) Stick to a schedule - starting from this evening, write a schedule of what you will do tomorrow, including your exercise routine and your meals for the day. Even the time I spend writing this blog is now on my schedule. As I do not have weights at home, I have been using household items to enhance my workouts.

2)This is truly the best time to begin working out. All the gyms and fitness gurus are online giving daily free live instagram workout videos. Big shoutout to @bodyroxfitnessstudio for holding us down during this period. The workouts have been great. Also, check out my brother's instagram live story on Saturday at 1pm, @otdafitt. He will be live with a HIIT workout and will answer fitness related questions afterwards. If the timings are inconvenient, you have 24 hours to rewatch the live stories at your leisure. What could be better than that. If you have no idea of what to do, simply follow one of the many fitness videos on instagram to get your daily dose of fitness goodness.

3) Get rid of the unhealthy snacks. Yes, I see you with the chocolate chip cookies. Perish the thought of eating another one. Just don't!!!! It's the last week of Lent, be charitable and give it out to your neighbours, gatemen, security, cleaners, anyone around you who needs them more than you do. Get some healthy snacks and eat the right portion - refer to number (1) on scheduling your eating. For example, for nuts, no more than 2 handfuls. Ideally, one handful is sufficient but if you have petite hands like mine, 2 may be okay. 

4) Stay safe and sane. Exercising will help your physical health and release dopamines to aid your mental health. So get on the fitness train as you finally have all the time in the world to exercise.

For extra tips and assistance, follow me on instagram: @emokiniovo_omalicha; Facebook: Emokiniovo Dafe-Akpedeye or email me: e.dafeakpedeye@gmail.com

I leave you now with the poster of Saturday's main event with @otdafitt. Remember to wish him happy birthday on that day!!

As always, your questions, thoughts and comments are more than welcomed. Keep beasting πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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