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Hello fitfam, as we come to the end of quarantine period in Nigeria and slowly resume work, we are all too aware of our new normal of social distancing. We're still a while off from returning to beasting at the gym so for the time being, home workouts will be all the rage.

I am sure like many of my fitfam people, you have trolled the internet following live workout videos, dusted off your insanity videos, skipped through many Youtube videos (the good, the bad and the downright, ridiculous 😝) and you are truly itching to return to the gym.

While you daydream about returning to the gym, let me encourage you to keep working out at home. As there are no trainers or fitness buddies to correct your form and physically show you want to do, it is important to bear some few safety tips in mind.

1) The fit life is an individual journey. Find what works for you and not your fitness idol. Because you see baby beast doing cross-fit burpees with knee tucks does not mean you should try it. Work your fitness level up. Rome was not built in a day. Anyone who follows Kiniovo's Beastlings knows I give exercise modifications for different fitness levels. It'll be challenging but you will not injure yourself.

2) GET AND ALWAYS WEAR PROPER WORKOUT SHOES!!! Yes, I am shouting about this one. There's a trend to do home workouts without wearing trainers. I do not know what inspired this but please perish the thought. Trainers were designed to protect you especially when doing certain strenuous exercises such as lunges and jumping activities. Fitness should be a lifetime plan so protect your feet and joints. I have a designated pair for running (black trainers with pink trimmings) which I can use to strength train but I do use my strength training shoes (blue trainers) to run. Research and be guided.

3) Sleep and hydrate. Last Thursday, I slept badly and I pushed myself to run. After the pace of the first km was abysmal, I abandoned running for the day. But guess what, with sleep and proper hydration, I ran my longest run of 11.06km and my fastest 10km pace on Saturday. Do not underestimate the power of sleep and water.

4) Track your progress. One of my favourite fitness instagram people @sidehustlefit always tracks his progress. I started tracking my running progress which is easy using the Nike running app. Insanity has a fit test video, which helps track your progress every 2 weeks while doing the program. Find something to track and write it in a book or on your phone e.g. if you can only do 10 knee down push ups now, can you do 20 in 3 weeks or 5 full push ups. 

5) Stretch, stretch, stretch. I have a whole blog post dedicated to stretching (The Unsung Heroes of Stretching and Active Recovery), please read it. I recommend using a foam roller especially on running days. It's as good as any deep tissue massage and there are so many Youtube videos to follow if you are a novice.

6) Be careful on what surface you workout on. If like me, you have marble in your home, please be very careful. It is already slippery and can be a major hazard if it gets wet. Either workout outside or ensure you have trainers with the right grip to prevent slipping. There are some of my trainers I do not wear when working out on marble. Those, who have ears, let them hear. No need for unnecessary hospital appointments during COVID-19.

7) Get your eating and nutrition together. There is information overload right now on eating and diet patterns. This is why you have to take responsibility for your life, know and listen to your body and again, do what works for you. If you've been following me, you'll know that I am a fan of intermittent fasting. It may not work for you due to many reasons such as specific health concerns. When thinking about eating and diets patterns, think long term. Guiding question is - Can I do this for the rest of my life?

Please, if you do not take away anything else from this article, remember DO NOT blindly follow anyone. We are all on our own individual fitness journeys and I do not know you more than you know yourself. Meditate and listen to your mind and body, and the fitness rhythm that works for you.

Your thoughts, comments and questions are also welcome. Keep beasting!!!

Baby beast

Hey there, I'm Kiniovo!

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  1. Nnoli Akpedeye3 May 2020 at 08:24

    Awesome! Is it okay to do indoor walking routines wearing just socks?

  2. No ma'am. Please wear your shoes even indoors for the extra protection for your feet and knees. Thanks for your question and keep exercising!